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The Age of Sustainalism: the new socio-economic growth model for an inclusive 21st century

It is becoming ever more clear that the major global trends which are having the greatest impact on the world around us are not only increasingly intertwined, but are also becoming ever broader in their impact, affecting a greater number of regions and citizens. Global hunger is on the increase, for the first time in […]

Why migrant workers are the key to Asia’s green cities of the future

Building Asia’s green cities of the future is about more than energy efficiency – it can drive a virtuous cycle of economic growth and restructuring, as low-skilled jobs on large construction sites provide income opportunities for millions of migrants. On-the-job training can equip these labourers to build efficiently — and to build buildings and urban […]

The New Silk Road: 8 steps to ensuring China’s $900 billion project is a success

What is the New Silk Road? The Silk Road was the name given in 1877 by the German geographer Ferdinand von Richthofen to the ancient network of trade routes linking China to central and western Asia, India and the Mediterranean region. Today, China is breathing new life into the Silk Road with the goal of […]

Fit for purpose – Big data reveals the construction knowledge gap

Big data exposes a widening construction knowledge gap Analysis of 6 million pieces of data has revealed that the knowledge framework underpinning the construction industry is no longer fit for purpose. Practitioners do not have easy access to critical knowledge, and so it is inevitable that mistakes will be made. Designing Buildings Wiki, the construction […]