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U.S. Construction Productivity: Not as Bad as you Think

We are all familiar with presentations bemoaning the archaic nature of the construction industry.  Something radical must be done!  The story is that the construction industry has experienced decades of stagnant productivity growth, at least in the US. There has been some push back. Output measures have been questioned. Metrics that allocate benefits associated with […]

New Report available | Shaping the Future of Construction: An Action Plan to solve the Industry’s Talent Gap

The construction industry needs to take actions to close its talent gap as one major hurdle for its digital transformation Recently, transformative technological developments, like 3D-printed houses, automated construction equipment and pre-fabricated skyscrapers, emerged. The digital transformation of the construction industry has the potential to uplift the decade-long stagnating productivity of the industry which is […]

Where people live the longest

How NEOM could set a new lifespan record for its future Citizens by designing a $500-billion-megacity community of rejuvenation and happiness. Following the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 to transition into a post-oil economy, his country has just announced a plan to build a megacity on the coast of the Red Sea, NEOM, […]

It costs trillions of dollars to settle commercial conflicts. It’s time for Alternative Dispute Resolution

More commercial disputes happen in energy, mining, infrastructure and urban development than in other industries. Projects in these sectors demand long timeframes and the co-ordination of large numbers of organisations, both of which cause friction. Consequently, conflict management and dispute resolution techniques have advanced fast. Why do disputes matter? Commercial disputes are like toxins. They cause […]

These homes of the future will bring nature indoors

Rethinking how we build shelter may be an important step in increasing sustainability. One such possibility involves creating permeable buildings that interact with the natural world. Traditional buildings are designed to provide protection against a savage world, with us safe on one side and our waste on the other. Architects have long relied on ‘hard’ […]

How automation and technology will change the buildings we live in

Our built environment and its entire value chain are in the wake of a severe transformation. Artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things, robotics and other technologies are not only responsible for the emergence of smart cities, automated processes and new business opportunities, but a change to the rules underpinning the real estate industry. The impact […]

Artificial Intelligence Meets Construction

Technology shapes so much around us. Cars no longer need gasoline. Home appliances respond to voice commands. Ten thousand songs reside on a wristwatch. All of this (and much more) can be traced back to the next technological paradigm shift that is artificial intelligence. Software has evolved from rigid, binary engines to learning systems that […]

Why the West has to join the Belt and Road Initiative

In today’s increasingly complex, fast-paced and interconnected world, breakthrough technologies, demographic shifts and political transformations are having far-reaching societal and economic consequences. Our societies are facing systemic global challenges that can no longer be addressed through the conventional linear approach of hierarchical corporate and governmental structures. The theme of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting […]

Video: Thoughts on the Future of Construction by Jim Forester (VP Business Development Newforma)

Watch the video | Newforma’s VP Business Development and Co-Founder, Jim Forester, explains his thoughts on the future of construction. He thinks that the separation of design and engineering will disappear to a certain extent. The role of humans on construction sites he sees rather in coordinating tasks. Therefore he thinks new skillsets are required. […]

Infographic | The 10 most promising technologies in Engineering & Construction

The digitalization is gaining ground in the construction industry. That’s severely needed as the productivity stagnated over the last decades with all negative impacts for society, economy and environment. The most promising technologies to improve the productivity in the construction industry are depicted in this infographic of the World Economic Forum’s Future of Construction Initiative. […]

Video: Thoughts on the Future of Construction by Jay Harris (VP Western Operations Boldt)

Watch the video | Boldt’s VP Western Operations, Jay Harris, explains his thoughts on the future of construction. He thinks the next big thing in the construction industry will be artificial intelligence and robots. Among the largest challenges he sees the prevailing command and control leadership structure of the industry. He expects that pre-fabrication and […]

Video: Thoughts on the Future of Construction by Sunil Dorairajan (CEO Pype)

Watch the video | Pype’s CEO and Co-Founder, Sunil Dorairajan, explains his thoughts on the future of construction. He thinks the next big things in the construction industry will be the internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence. He expects that a shortage of skills and labor are the largest hurdles for the development […]

Innovation Cases

Case Studies about state-of-the-art implementation of innovation and start ups/pilot projects to showcase innovative approaches in a slow-moving industry and derive lessons for the entire E&C industry to foster adoption of new tools and technologies, processes, organizations and business models.