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Video: The Largest Hurdles in the Industry – Thoughts on the Future of Construction

Watch the video | CEOs and high-level executives of established construction companies and start-ups explain what they expect will be the largest hurdles in the future of the engineering and construction industry. In their eyes there are several hurdles which makes the crucial adoption of innovative technologies in this still very traditional industry more difficult. […]

Video: Thoughts on the Future of Construction by David Wilson (Chief Innovation Officer at Bechtel)

Watch the video | Bechtel’s Chief Innovation Officer, David Wilson, explains his thoughts on the future of construction. The full digitalization of the industry will be the next big thing. Construction job-sites will look more like manufacturing plants with lean processes and robotics. The role of humans will be to orchestrate the robotic symphony. However, […]

Video: Thoughts on the Future of Construction – The Next Big Thing

Watch the video | CEOs and high-level executives of established construction companies and start-ups explain what they expect will be the next big things in the engineering and construction industry. The range of expectations reaches from full digitalization, cloud computing and big data analytics to the deployment of innovative technologies like drones, robots and 3D […]

4 practical tips to bring sustainability into your building design

The shift towards sustainable design Every business across the globe is adopting the ‘green ideology’, which is pretty evident in the form of revised regulations, optimum utilisation of resources, implementation of eco-friendly practices, increasing use of green products, environmental initiatives and sustainable designs. An increasing inclination towards energy savings, waste reduction, and space efficiency has […]

What can we do to help achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals?

Former President’s Apprentice Alex Crump looks at what we as engineers can do to help ensure the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals can be achieved. Goal 6 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals requires us to ensure the “availability and sustainable management” of water resources. In December 2015 I used the Infrastructure Blog to express personal excitement […]

UK University creates solar generating glass bricks

Researchers from England’s University of Exeter have created a new technology they say “could revolutionise the construction industry”. Academics from the Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Science department have developed a solar power technology that fits into glass blocks. Facades using the product, called Solar Squared, will be able to generate electricity while allowing greater amounts […]

4 megatrends transforming the construction industry

After being rocked by the recession, while harnessing social media and smartphones, everyday Americans are giving up the static suburbs to refocus on progressive yet practical city living. At the same time, cities continue to be the traditional nucleus of emerging economies such as Africa and India. Following both green policies and greener profits, commercial […]

How automation and technology will change the buildings we live in

Our built environment and its entire value chain are in the wake of a severe transformation. Artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things, robotics and other technologies are not only responsible for the emergence of smart cities, automated processes and new business opportunities, but a change to the rules underpinning the real estate industry. The impact […]

We can cut emissions in half by 2040 if we build smarter cities

As a planet, we have some serious climate targets to meet in the coming years. The Paris Agreement, signed by 192 countries, set an aspirational goal of limiting global warming to 1.5ᵒC. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, set to be achieved by 2030, commit the world to “take urgent action” on climate change. All this will […]

Bridges and roads as important to your health as what’s in your medicine cabinet

Two seemingly unrelated national policy debates are afoot, and we can’t adequately address one unless we address the other. Health care reform has been the hottest topic. What to do about America’s aging infrastructure has been less animated but may be more pressing. Yet even as cracks in America’s health system and infrastructure expand, political […]

Innovation Cases

Case Studies about state-of-the-art implementation of innovation and start ups/pilot projects to showcase innovative approaches in a slow-moving industry and derive lessons for the entire E&C industry to foster adoption of new tools and technologies, processes, organizations and business models.