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A central platform to exchange best practices and ideas guiding the infrastructure and urban development industry in its transformation, and helping it to address its key challenges.

Innovation Cases

Case Studies about state-of-the-art implementation of innovation and start ups/pilot projects to showcase innovative approaches in a slow-moving industry and derive lessons for the entire E&C industry to foster adoption of new tools and technologies, processes, organizations and business models.


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We could be on the brink of a demand revolution. But will we seize the opportunity?

When Rio de Janeiro hosted the 2016 Olympics, one in six of the half-million visitors stayed in Airbnb lodgings. Without the additional rooms, Rio would have needed to build another 257 hotels to house these tourists, according to a study by the World Economic Forum. Beyond the material and environmental savings – not to mention the […]

To attract the right talent, offering flexibility and work-life balance will be essential

Recruiting and managing talent in the coming years will be challenging for the construction sector, according to a World Economic Forum report The prospective scarcity of skilled labour driven by demographic shifts and the increasing sophistication of technology, which demands new and broader skillsets at all levels, coupled with the traditionally high volatility of workforce demand […]

Construction : an industry ripe for tech disruption

Despite some reticence, the construction industry is on the cusp of a technology revolution which will reshape its future Innate conservatism are words that are used to describe the construction industry. While the retail and automotive sectors are the proverbial hares when it comes to implementing technology, those who plan our built environment are the tortoises. […]

Procuring Innovation – Leading practices from British Columbia

Download the Report Published by the British Columbia Construction Association, this 80 page report is intended to help public and private owners become “innovation friendly” in their construction procurement – to enable them to access the potential environmental, economic and social benefits that innovative construction solutions can bring. It is also intended to guide architecture, […]

Eight ways to win the fight for talent in construction

Why talent should be a top priority for construction companies Reflecting on the construction industry as a whole, Brendan Bechtel, Chairman and CEO of Bechtel Group, says: “Ours is a people business that depends on fielding the most capable project teams in the world.” In the struggle to recruit and retain talent, he recently revised […]

Building Information Modelling 101 – A brief introduction

Building Information Modeling (BIM) can be a valuable tool in the hands of anyone who works in construction. There’s no doubt that, the concept of collaborative working is becoming more and more popular through the years. That’s why, it’s critical for all construction agents to be aware of the different BIM maturity levels. Before we […]

Impact of the Sharing (gig) Economy on Construction Craft Labour and Equipment Markets

With the success of Uber and AirBnB, most people have heard of the new sharing economy; unused resources and demand are matched through the internet to the mutual satisfaction of the parties involved. For labor, the concept is not new. In the music and publishing industries, it is called getting a “gig’, and it has […]