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A central platform to exchange best practices and ideas guiding the infrastructure and urban development industry in its transformation, and helping it to address its key challenges.

Innovation Cases

Case Studies about state-of-the-art implementation of innovation and start ups/pilot projects to showcase innovative approaches in a slow-moving industry and derive lessons for the entire E&C industry to foster adoption of new tools and technologies, processes, organizations and business models.


Featured Blog Posts

Eight ways to win the fight for talent in construction

Why talent should be a top priority for construction companies Reflecting on the construction industry as a whole, Brendan Bechtel, Chairman and CEO of Bechtel Group, says: “Ours is a people business that depends on fielding the most capable project teams in the world.” In the struggle to recruit and retain talent, he recently revised […]

On the road to ruin: How America’s infrastructure is failing

You’ve heard it before: America’s infrastructure is failing. Well, almost. The American Society of Civil Engineers reiterated its nearly failing grade for the country’s vital infrastructure: a D+. The ASCE report comes out once every four years, and has become a familiar bearer of bad news. But the state of the country’s roads were the […]

Call for feedback about the draft International Construction Measurement Standards

Construction industry leaders from around the world are working together to set out a radical new approach to improve the quality of cost data and reporting in construction. Your feedback can influence their work. How? Until the late 20th century, companies around the world applied country-specific standards when preparing their financial statements. The increased globalisation […]